Thursday, May 26, 2005

Alrighty Then

I guess its easier for the Royals front office to take out frustrations on the members of their cheap relief corps than to cut bait with their pricey offseason additions. This time it's Jaime Cerda who gets shipped down to Omaha and Steve Stemle gets his shot in the big leagues. As an added bonus, Shawn Camp gets designated for assignment to make room on the 40 man for Stemle. It isn't that any of these 3 guys figure to matter much to the long term success of the Royals, but it might be sending the wrong message. The worst performers on this team are still taking the field consistently, presumably because they get paid like major league players.
  • Another great start for Jose Lima. Tonight Lima gave up 8 earned runs in 4 innings, leaving him with a beyond lofty 8.13 ERA. It seems to me that the easiest way to improve the team's pitching would be to remove Jose Lima. At this point I'd rather see Chris George pitch every fifth day than Lima. At least George wouldn't be cocky about getting rocked.
  • Eli Marrero pitched in with no hits in four at bats tonight. He is now batting a robust .163. ONE SIXTY THREE !!
  • One thing about Steve Stemle's least you can't say he is being rushed. This was his 7th season in the minors and he was impressive for Omaha. He also had a nice debut tonight with 3 scoreless innings.
  • As much complaining as there has been about the Royals payroll, they would be better off dropping it 10 million (Lima, Marrero, Long).


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