Friday, May 20, 2005

Eli, Not What The Royals Need, Royals Lose

As a Royals fan, I have grown accustomed to watching players struggle. After Knoblauch, Roberto, and Neifi, you get used to it. Eli Marrero is doing his best to join that list. After his 0-4 performance tonight, Eli is down to .171 on the season. Now that John Buck has crossed the Mendoza Line (congrats John), Marrero is the last remaining member of the Medoza Boys for the Royals. The worst part is that he is supposed to hit lefties, but his average against southpaws is .220 so far this season. No, the worst part is that he's getting paid 3.2 million to hit lefies and he isn't hitting them. Teams like the Royals shouldn't spend that much on part time players and it is even worse when those players aren't even doing their part.
  • Doesn't it figure, the Royals give Greinke some support and Zach gives up 6 runs? It looks like that's just the way things are going to be this season (that means KC gets the breaks next season right?).
  • The game was actually fun to watch though and I had myself deluded into believing the Royals would win right up 'til the end.
  • Schaefer has done something for the offense since taking over. The longer it takes Allard to find a new manager, the better Schaefer might look.
  • I owe Emil Brown a bit of an apology. I was advocating the Royals cutting him before they sent Diaz down, but he has looked good lately. I still don't think he should be a starter in the long term, but if he is the fourth outfielder next year, that may be a good thing.


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