Friday, May 20, 2005

I-70 Time

On a bright note, Kauffman Stadium should be packed with fans for the weekend series with our friends from across the state. On a down note, red will probably be the primary color worn by those fans. I have to admit that the proposition of having the opposing team's fans outnumber the fans in blue bothers me a bit, but I am really looking forward to these games. The fans should be interested in more than the kiss cam and the limbo for at least 3 games. Besides, I believe the ability of this team to actually disappoint me is gone.
  • If the Royals are going to take any game against the Cards, tonight figures to be the night. Greinke is due, well past due, for some run support and I actually think the Royals have a decent shot at getting some runs off Mulder. KC's starters for the next 2 games, Lima and ?, don't exactly have me brimming with optimism. Anyone who still thinks its Lima Time needs a new clock.
  • Jeremy Affeldt is heading off to Omaha on Monday for a 2 week rehab assignment. It should be interesting to see how he is used when he gets back to the big club. He doesn't sound enamored with the idea of working in the bullpen without a set role. Personally, I would like to see Affeldt given back the closer's role to build up his trade value. He could very well live up to his potential, but there are enough reasons to bet against him that trading him would make sense.
  • The Royals bats seem to be waking up just as their pitching is coming apart at the edges. Cliche, but if it wasn't for bad luck, this team would have no luck at all.


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