Saturday, May 21, 2005

KC Draft Notes

With the second pick in the draft and the promise of another high pick next season, the baseball draft should be getting close attention from Royals fans. Having the second choice this year is fortunate as the consensus seems to be that there is quite a fall off after Justin Upton and Alex Gordon. Of course, for Kansas City things are never that easy, Rumors have come out that KC may be thinking cost on draft day and that they think highly of Cameron Maybin, who has loads of potential but is a higher risk than either Gordon or Upton.
  • According to Baseball America, the Diamondbacks, who hold the first choice, have narrowed their options for that slot to four players. If BA is correct, Arizona will be choosing from Upton, Craig Hansen, Luke Hochevar, and Mike Pelfrey. It seems strange that Gordon is not on their list, but as someone who would like KC to take Gordon at two, I'll hope that's the way it goes.
  • Alex Gordon is a legitimate power hitter who should rise through the minors quickly. There are always "ifs" with prospects, but Gordon and Billy Butler could give the Royals legitimate threats in the middle of the order. The Royals Op-Ed page has an excellent write-up on Gordon.
  • The only downfall to the Royals selecting Gordon is that he is not expected to stick at third base. At that point, their top three hitting prospects would all be in the 1B-Corner Outfield, DH mold. Gordon's bat is still more than good enough to merit the selection, but I would like to see KC eventually develop some hitters up the middle.
  • I still would not be shocked if the Royals ended up selecting Maybin, but I would be disappointed. With his potential, it would be a defendable choice on their part, but in their current state Kansas City needs a player who is likely to rise quickly through the minors.
  • It is not likely to happen, but I would be thrilled if Jacoby Ellsbury is still available when the Royals make their second pick.
  • It won't happen, and it shouldn't, but I would find it amusing if Kansas City took either Drew or Weaver, should they end up back in the draft. It would ALMOST be worth it just to see the look on Boras' face.

In a note on a prospect already in the Royals system, Luis Cota is dominating hitters for Burlington. He has a streak of 22 straight scoreless innings which has dropped his ERA down to 1.60. Opponents are batting only .189 against Cota and he has 52 K's against 22 walks in 45 innings pitched.


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