Thursday, May 26, 2005

Manager Search Rolling...

Is this really it? Art Howe, Terry Collins, Bob Schaefer, Buddy Bell, and Jerry Manuel appear to be the short list of candidates according to the Star. If this is what Kansas City came up with after narrowing down the list, I would hate to see what names got crossed off.
  • Buddy Bell, the current bench coach for Cleveland, was interviewed yesterday by Allard Baird and Dan Glass. What kind of incriminating pictures does he have hidden away? In his previous posts as manager with Detroit and Colorado, Bell has a record of 345-462. That's good for a .428 winning percentage.The 2000 Rockies were the only club under his guidance to finish above .500 at 82-80. Interviewing Bell is like calling Pena and asking him to take the job back.
  • I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a lot about Jerry Manuel. He was 500-471 managing the White Sox from 1998-2003. That sounds good enough, but I remember those White Sox teams as being very talented and always underperforming and coming up short of expectations. There is no room in Kansas City for falling short of expectations. This teem needs a manager who can push it to exceed expectations.
  • I am growing to like Bob Schaefer, but I do not think he is what the Royals are looking for in their next manager. They have said repeatedly that they want a manager with previous experience. I think that they mean what they are saying and I also think they want to avoid the media backlash of hiring the "cheap", inexperienced manager.
  • Art Howe...Yawn. Does Art strike you as someone guys would follow into battle? He just doesn't seem to have that "it" quality". Howe is the safe, uninspired choice.
  • Terry Collins appears to be the fiery and demanding manager of group. He has a reputation of wearing thin on players by demanding too much from them. What players on the Royals have enough pull to complain? If the time comes that Collins has worn out his welcome and enough players have developed into the type that can get a manager fired, Collins would have done his job. Bradford Doolittle has a good article in the Star on veteran managers that focuses on Collins and makes him appear to be the right choice for the job.

My money is on Collins to get the job. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that he is already Baird's choice. Baird is a maniacal workaholic and he must want to see the same from the guy he tabs to run the team and from the team itself. I think he would have liked to interview Larry Bowa, but the Keitzman/Bowa campaign for Bowa to get the job probably precluded the Royals from seriously considering it. That left Collins as the hardnosed, get everything from the players manager out there. What's the easiest way for Baird to ensure that the the Glass' go along with his choice of Collins? Put those other guys on the list. Regardless, please, oh please, no Buddy Bell.


Blogger dolphinfan said...

Greorge Brett was on Best D!*n Sports Show Period last night. I don't know if you saw it or not, but it was a great interview. He had a lot of positives to say about the Royals and they all made sense. If you did see it I would like to hear your thoughts.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Joe Bazinet said...

I didn't see it, but I would expect him to have positives to say. The Royals right now are a glass half full/half empty issue. Most people just see the negatives because it is easier. Any highlights from the interview?

4:48 PM  
Blogger dolphinfan said...

He spoke highly of the young talent, saying that he strongly feels that the Royals are going in the right direction. He said that the team is making one huge mistake each game and that is what is costing the Royals. Once they learn to quit making these mistakes the talent level is there. He also talked highly about the pitching. I'm not for sure if I agree with him on that. He would not comment on the coaching situation, other than to make it clear that he would not be a candidate.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Joe Bazinet said...

I do think there is enough talent there, at least enough to make a base to build around. That is counting guys in the minors like Huber, Maier, and Butler. The pitching should be there with Greinke a solid 1-2 guy, Hernandez a 3-4, and Bautista at least a 5 maybe a 1. That's 3/5 of a rotation with J.P Howell coming soon. Luis Cota is looking very good in the low minors and Campbell and Buckner have both improved after slow starts.

12:53 PM  

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