Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Managers, Prospects, and Yanks

Yesterday was quite a day for the Royals. They disappointed most of their fans by hiring Buddy Bell. They called up yet another prospect in Shane Costa. Perhaps lost in the hoopla over Bell's hiring, they beat the Yankees.

There has been time to digest the Bell hiring now. After reading reactions from almost every source possible, I have found that there are not many differing reactions. The virtually universal prevailing view is that Kansas City *bleeped* this hiring up in the worst way. The national media has yet another reason to pile on to Kansas City, as if they needed more ammunition. After my search for the silver lining, the only thing that I have been able to come up with is that Bell is a no nonsense kind of guy who wants players to do things the right way. With all of the news coming out of Kauffman lately, it is apparent that some of these players to put them in their place. It isn't very shiney, but that is the silver lining that I found. There were guys who could do that AND manage a game who could have been hired, Terry Collins comes to mind.

I was hoping to see Shane Costa play last night, but he should be in the lineup tonight. I am not sure that Costa is ready, but he is 23 and should be able to deal with the struggles that are probably headed his way. Don't expect a lot of power from Costa, but he could end up a solid player. The best thing he has done to date is replace Marrero. It was time for Marrero to go, now how long does Lima have?

Kansas City beat the Yankees! On any other day, that would have been plenty to put smiles on the faces of the team's fans. Greinke finally got to replace that zero in the win column, even though he did not pitch exceptionally well. Mike Wood, Andy Sisco, and Mike MacDougal came in from the bullpen and pitched 4 scoreless innings combined. In the field, DeJesus made a couple nice plays, the leaping catch at the wall to start the game set a good tone. It was just one game, but I'll take a win against the Yankees anytime.

  • How about Juan Gonzalez? Back in the bigs and can't make it through 1 game? -insert punchline here_


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